Your development

As a middle leader you may have a clear idea of how you want to ‘climb the ladder’ or perhaps your career trajectory may be more opportunistic, reactive or iterative. Regardless of which approach applies to you, when considering the next stage in your career you need to determine what's important to you and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Our service will support you in your development to help you do your best for your pupils and yet at the same time help you achieve your potential, whether that is to become an outstanding middle leader or, should you want it, a senior leadership position in the future.

Training courses

NAHT Edge supports your continuing professional development needs. We understand the need to balance managerial skills with your teaching and classroom commitments. NAHT Edge training is designed to enhance and broaden your professional knowledge, skills and expertise in these areas. Our courses are based on the national standards, take into account Ofsted’s expectations and aim to ensure that you are apprised of topical issues, policies and initiatives. We use highly respected training facilitators who are experts in their fields and all our programmes are quality-assured.

We'll come to you
We'll deliver courses where there's demand and work with you to find dates to suit you. Plus there are always occasions where standard 'off the shelf' courses might not fit your specific requirements. NAHT Edge can offer personally tailored options to suit your needs. Simply contact the events team on 01444 472405 or email


Upcoming courses


If you can't find what you're looking for and need help now, call us on 0300 00 44 443.