School stakeholder surveys

There is an increased emphasis on schools knowing their stakeholders needs and responding to them, especially now Parent View is relied upon by inspectors to gauge parental perceptions. With more than 30 years’ experience in providing trusted, high-quality assessments and services to the education sector, GL Assessment’s Kirkland Rowell surveys are the UK’s leading monitor of parental, pupil and staff perceptions.

An integral part of any self-evaluation system, the surveys support schools in understanding what is important to their stakeholders, whilst benchmarking them against ‘similar schools’. They also offer truly cost-effective way of ensuring school improvement measures are on the right track.

Findings are represented in a series of easy-to-follow reports and contain a full evidence summary for every schools self-evaluation. In other words, Kirkland Rowell surveys take the strain off of schools creating a survey themselves: they design the questionnaires, print or set them up online, collate the results and produce a series of reports to support ongoing improvement.

Discounts available for NAHT Edge members

GL Assessment Kirkland Rowell offer all NAHT Edge members a 10 per cent discount on their surveys*.

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