Pupil assessment

GL Assessment (GLA) is a leading provider of trusted assessments, stakeholder surveys and professional development services. Working with a large pool of leading universities and research teams, GLA develop scientifically rigorous assessments that have been used by education professionals for more than 30 years.

Meeting pupils’ needs, enabling them to achieve and maximise their potential are key aims of all UK curriculums. To do this effectively, schools need to build a complete picture of each and every pupil and understand fully their potential, their strengths and their weaknesses. The assessments provide the perfect solution, helping you form that invaluable ‘whole pupil view’.

Of course, when it comes to understanding each child, teachers’ professional judgement naturally plays a vital role. But to achieve a complete view of each pupil, it is necessary to also look at measurements of ability and attitudes, as well as attainment. In doing so, schools are provided with an assessment model that:

  • measures a pupil’s potential, showing what they could achieve;
  • allows schools to establish a baseline and track progress easily;
  • identifies barriers to learning and informs intervention strategies at the earliest opportunity; and 
  • delivers the all-important national benchmark.

A number of the assessments play a central role in this approach, generating data that enables schools to demonstrate clearly and easily how well their pupils have learned and what progress they are making year-on-year. GLA’s portfolio includes the popular Cognitive Abilities Test, the Progress Test Series and the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School Survey.

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GLA offer NAHT Edge members a 10 per cent discount on all of their assessments*.

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